Happy Birthday to DreamHost!


Just taking some time out to wish a Happy Birthday to my lovely hosting company (with whom I’ve been a happy customer for well over ten years), on the occasion of their turning Sweet 16. They let me play with the technical details as much or as little as prefer, and make running a website a dream come true. Happy Birthday, DreamHost! 🙂

Born of Yarn Lust



Most of my crocheting has been fairly simple work, that doesn’t require fine yarn — the thread I use for the doilies, and the yarn I’ve used for afghans, etc., has all been readily available at the box stores (Jo-Ann’s, Michael’s, etc.). But as I’ve gotten into Ravelry, I’ve been bitten by the fine yarn bug, and filled with a desire to work more with natural fibers besides cotton.

As luck would have it, Monday was the big annual sale at my local yarn shop. Cheers! I picked up two kinds of sock yarn (both superwash wool/nylon blends), and some wonderful bulky Peruvian highland wool. It will be quite a while, I’m sure, before I have any results to show you in the sock department, but the bulky wool worked up lickety-split into a wonderful Moebius cowl:

Moebius Cowl

Looks green, doesn’t it? And it is…until you look closely at the yarn, and see that it’s actually a blend of blue and yellow fibers. It gives a wonderful depth to the color.

It took me two tries to get the twist right, because I wasn’t paying close enough attention the first time around, but I’m very pleased with the final, successful, result — and I was particularly grateful for it this morning, when it was only 13F outside on the way to work. This is one TOASTY cowl! 🙂

If you’re interested in making one for yourself, here’s a link to the project page on Ravelry.

The Great Doily Deluge of 2012



This is (some of) what’s been keeping my crochet hook busy over the past two months:

I decided that Christmas gifts for my office were all going to be handmade this year; it’s a good thing I started early! In addition to the doilies above, I crocheted (also in thread) a coaster for a friend in the building next door, and six cotton baskets/bowls for the guys at work (I filled the bowls with chocolates ;-)). It took about twenty minutes to go around distributing everything to folks’ desks after hours, which was fun.

Additional detail:

This one I made for my boss:

You’d think I’d be sick of making doilies by now, wouldn’t you? But, the bug continues — now I’m working on a lily of the valley pattern that’s quite pretty, for a friend out in the Twin Cities…